Sunday, February 19, 2017

feels like here we go again

that time of the month - already ???
okay somethings not right ... yeah we know its called PCOS baby any you have the symptoms quite a lot of the boxes - easy to gain weight hard to loose extra facial hair.. yes thats a hard one to deal with
body pimples/spots yep... irregular... yup
moody bad tempered find a low carb lifestyle better ... oh and sugar cravings right before
that sums it up

so this week saw a 700 gram gain ... hopefully fluid retention from too much crap and a new downward trend next week
must try to be better....
more water more steps better food choices is what this is all about

got work must dash for now anyway ... will have to try post more often

still in the 99kg range even though its now 99.7 with that 700 gram gain... time to get rid of that!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

double digits...aka under 100!

Approx 99 kg now

why approx
scales in same place in bathroom
different spots equate to different weights up to 100.8 to down to 98.5
so taking the usual weigh spot to work on

been watching what I eat trying to keep it balanced to half fresh fruit n veg (non starchy stuff) then 14 carb and 1/4 protein plus trying to drink water
some days good some days not

best step day in a while 18,700 today had a few of under 10s last week
had been doing Yoga but elbow has been sore so avoiding weights/yoga undue stress till it feels  better

Sunday, January 22, 2017

ups and downs the weigh in saga

this morning is weigh in morning for me
you know that once a week where you breathe in  - step on the scales and exhale a sigh of relief
that you have achieved what you set out to do ... or exhale in a pile of curse words when things did not go the way you wanted them to

so this week for the first 4 day I started off on track to eating well day 5 slipped in some extra food a little treat still okay one bad day does not blow out the week
plus calories burned this week have been higher
day 6 oh no .. a terrible day - this one an unplanned high calories day and empty ones at that

took my girls to see Ballerina ... bad movie habits strike again...
they sat there and munched on lollies... next time I am having popcorn
and decided mum needs lollies too.. should have taken my own snacks then they would not have

after the movies we had a light lunch and did some walking around the Hamilton gardens

I have been doing a thing on you tube with 30 days of yoga... some days go really well others are like WTF you want me to do WHAT!!!!! Yesterday was one of those days but 30 minutes later got through that

what doing this 30 days of yoga has taught me so far is yoga is done in tights for a reason especially when you have lost weight in the legs

I did a day in shorts .. looked at my thighs in what can only be called an attempt at downward facing dog and blooming heck they were wrinkly during that manoeuvre
but when you stand up no sign of the weird old lady wrinkly skin
So no more yoga in shorts tights all the way

this weeks weigh in results
today was 103.3 ! So that is 2.6 kg down on previous week - yes a good loss considering those 2 terrible days
amongst 5 good ones... was only hoping for a little loss say 300-500 grams
so the extra exercise must have paid off!
so the journey so far since the start is a loss of 47.2 kg that is the weight of a 10/11 year old these days

measurements   these are in inches ...  
             Start Jan       Today
chest          46             45
under         38              38                          cup size shrunk but not under there darn

waist          40            39

hips            49            47                           this is usually 1 of my problem areas at the moment its
bum            47            46                           not that bad am loosing here quiet well returning to my
                                                                  hourglass figure that is nice
right           27             26.5                     Yay shrinking thighs these are another problem area that is
left              27              26                          headed in the right direction slowly but surely!

I hope your personal journey is going well
remember we all have ups with downs
what I did not post last week was
after a 1.6 kg loss the week before I gained back 600 grams...
so to get past that 600 and down another 2kgs on top was a bloody good surprise this morning

until next time

Sunday, January 15, 2017

bad habits good habits

hmm...  bad habit putting stuff off

good habit - got up made my bed
went for a walk today
drank water
tried to be mindful about eating - some not so good item there but overall a pretty good day
hopefully tomorrow morning scales check reflects this

family gatherings are challenges at best of times
had one this weekend

had 3 drinks of wine one of ginger beer and went nope not going to do that to me
and switched to water.. four or five glasses later left
ate okay during the meal
had a bit too much dessert but that is alright today was on track
slightly over in count  this week but exercise has been good too.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

have you tried Yoga???

looking through different things online and one asked the question 

have you tried Yoga - it had a link to you tube and some channel that offered yoga

after looking around you tube decided to try 30 days of yoga with Adrienne -  which I mentioned in my last post
anyway both of my girls joined me for this tonight 
must have looked  funny mum and her 2 girls rolling around on the floor trying to figure out what we are supposed to be doing
of our 30 days today was day 6 we focused on core muscles ..
I have taken to just lying in bed with lights off focusing on my breathing 
to calm myself to get a good nights sleep 
apart from when I drink a lot of water late it seems to be working out well 

Today was a 17,000 steps day  walked for a solid 30 minutes this afternoon
followed by taking my girls to the swimming pool in Cambridge where they swam laps I just didnt feel up to it as have been in the pool for a while already at work today 

kind of loosing the novelty of swimming when you teach in the water 5 days a week and each time is a minimum of 3 hours! TALK about water logged 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

back on track

well after this week of eating right - getting my fruits veggies
some good fats and lean protein walking and water have managed to remove another 1.6 kg taking me to only 200 grams to loose from what I put on over Christmas

am currently doing yoga - 30 days of yoga on you tube with Adrienne

really worth a look her channel is neat search 30 days of yoga it should be at the top of the results I am doing the 2 year old yoga clips - there is also more current revolution yoga she takes as well

My youngest daughter and I are doing this in the morning the eldest and I are going for walks Monday Wed and Friday morning - Tuesday afternoon at present and Friday after I finish work as well

back at work had a long day but did not stop me from doing my yoga!

overall - today's food still in my count allowance
had for breakfast
2 weetbix and skim milk with a nescafe caramel latte sachet prepared

lunch was an Irvines mince and cheese pie

dinner was a chicken and salad tortilla wrap
dessert a plate of fruit

left me feeling quite satisfied and enjoyed that fruit this evening

Monday, January 2, 2017

we can do this

it New Years

this is kind of like my personal journal but out there for the world to see

please leave comments with any questions - no judgements thanks as this is trying to help me and anyone else in my situation

aims for the year... drink plenty of water over other drinks especially those containing refined sugars

to eat loads of healthy fruit and vegetables - add in some lean meat for protein and a little diary for its calcium ...

to loose 6 -7 kg in January .. or at least by end of Feb... ideally Jan

what are your personal goals

join me and check in with the comments section I am sure we can do this!

survived New Years

First official weigh in day for the new years

today Monday 2nd/Jan/2017

current weight now 106.7 kgs

gained 1.8 kgs in last two weeks

walked 30,000 steps of a few different days last week so ended up doing loads of steps

last week was a little 300gram gain ... still not good

Positives - ended the month of December lighter then November ... even though it ended heavier then the first weigh in

this time not doing measurements as no changes>>>>

positive back on track today - all food tracked into target zone

moved 13,000 steps today

drank water - so many steps earned running back n forth to the loo!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

10,000 steps plus per day ...

So for those of you whom follow the healthy recommendations of  various govt health agencies
you will know that its recommended to maintain a healthy weight to eat 2500-2800 ish calories and walk 10,000 steps

yeah okay ...
so today and yesterday
I did 20,000 steps (poke out tongue at them and do silly happy dance) on my vivofit2 activity tracker

Food-wise pretty balanced - for a busy day
plenty of fruit to be had when working hard or walking lots

drank 1.5 litres of water
also went for an hour of play at the local pool ... yay for summer and not working

for those of you who do not know me here are a couple of progress shots.. first one taking at my Nieces first birthday - she is 5 in Feb so 4 years ago ... put on a bit since then hid from cameras did not like photos being taken .. been there done that might be what your thinking

anyway after loads of hard work during 2016 same dress same person different stage in life thinner feeling better oh and dress is  really too big now.... personally I still like it and am still wearing it !
If your still reading Check out other posts in the Archive there are plenty there.....  :-P

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


What a day

self sabotage?

started good - good healthy breakfast  check

chocolate - uh no that wasnt meant to be on the list today

so went on a
walk with girls check

lunch - healthy check ...

nap ...
gingerbread - uh wheres the fruit!!!

dinner - light cauliflower rice with chicken mushroom pineapple spinach and Moroccan seasoning along with a bit of sweet chilli sauce

another walk ....

got 20,000 steps
oh dear another bit of gingerbread...

found oneself at the cupboard looking for food without realising it.. this must stop!

off to bed so the day cant get any worse